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This Awful Pandemic

A pandemic is being faced, 

And we are now being chased. 

Chased by something we fear, 

Coronavirus And The Beauty of Nature

I never knew this day would come to our lives when we are at home sitting and nature heals itself. We...

The Mystical Land of Magic

I am an astronaut. I know this profession is risky but explorative too. I was ready to land on a completely isolated...


Once there lived three friends. Their names were Sam, Shiv and Rian. They used to play together....

There were active volcanoes on the moon when dinosaurs were alive Most of the volcanoes probably stopped one billion years ago, but new NASA findings suggest there might still have been active lava flow 100 million years ago when dinosaurs were still roaming.

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Students Protest In Thailand

Throughout the past week, thousands of students have protested on the streets of Thailand. They are...

Abnormally Different

It was a dull and gloomy Sunday. I sat in the corner sipping coffee, as I watched the raindrops race down...

Trump Suggests To Expand Patrols Beyond Portland

A navy veteran in Portland was asking federal agents in America some questions. Guess what he got for

All In A Day’s Work

"Hey there! Why are you all alone?" I asked for I had seen a young boy, with tattered clothes and...

Book Review – Uprooted

Agnieszka loves her valley home, her peaceful village, the forest and the bright, shining river. But...

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