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Monthly Archives: September, 2020

Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike competition—and lost.

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My Treasure Farm

5 min read

Nowhere to go in lockdown? Such a depressing statement is it!! The pandemic came along with the...

South Korea – A Magical Place

3.5 min read

‘I choose to collect memories instead of things’ these were Naina’s favourite words. She had always wanted to travel. At...

Oxford University is older than the Aztecs.

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My Trip to Thekkady

5 min read

Touring around countries and cities is everyone’s wish and mine as well. I too have visited many cities but my...

A Blank Verse on the Antarctic

1 min read

3 voyagers went on the trip to a land,
One by one,
All 3 went

The English Kingdom

1 min read

Locked up and nowhere to roam?
Let’s take you on a journey beyond your home...

A Trip To Tanzania

4 min read

I was very excited when my father told me that we were going to Tanzania. I had always longed to see lions in the wild...

Cows moo in regional accents.

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Is ‘Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse’ Accurate About a Multiverse?

15 min read

What is reality? We believe that the universe we exist in now, including the galaxies, stars, planets, is our reality...

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