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Monthly Archives: September, 2020

Autobiography of a Wall Clock

5 min read

I am a classic, ligneous clock with an annulus figure. I was manufactured in a prodigious factory in Switzerland...

Skin Donation – A Brief On Its Importance

4 min read

Well, skin donation is when a person willingly gives his skin when he/she is dead to help those who need...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg – The Queen of Dissent

5.5 min read

A diminutive 5 feet tall yet supremely influential and a pioneering advocate for women’s rights – Ruth Ginsberg. Associate...

Urea, a chemical that is found in urine, is added to cigarettes to enhance flavor.

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A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

4 min read

Although it happened several years ago, one aspect from my trip to Malaysia stands out vividly in my mind. I...

Book Review – The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

4.5 min read

Africa is often known as a poor little continent often ridden with conflict. People in the west think that Africa...

Pieces of the same metal become permanently stuck together if they touch in space.

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7 Things I Would Like To Do After COVID-19…

3.5 min read

Once lockdown is over I really want to roam freely like a bird without any hassle of wearing a mask. But, we will...

What is an antibody?

3 min read

In this lockdown we have come to know many terms like social distancing, social bubble, endemic, pandemic, antibody...

Koala fingerprints are indistinguishable from human fingerprints.

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