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1 min read

I was bold and beautiful,
was known to be faithful.
Would emit light everywhere I went...

The Northern Lights are beautiful to see but did you know they also produce sound! Lights producing noises?! Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie!

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If I Could Turn Invisible?

4 min read

It was a cool breezy evening. The clouds were lazily floating in the sky and it looked like it would rain soon. Birds...

Lights Out

1 min read

The bright dots upon endless skies,
I look up; a world full of lies...

Earth isn't the only planet that has northern lights!

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Notion – The Best App I Discovered This Year

5.5 min read

This lockdown has changed our lives and one of the main transitions we have made is to the world of technology...

Light – The Path of Hope and Good

1 min read

Always look at the bright side,
Because in the light, no tears reside...

The Aurora Borealis in the north and the Aurora Australis in the south are mirror images of each other that occur at the same time and in the same shape.

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The Initiative

7 min read

She could feel the cold air whipping across her face as she ran, her hair in a ponytail flying out behind her

The Little Monkey

2 min read

One fine morning a group of friends was lounging at the deck top of the Bara Bungalow Gethia. Drinking coffee, tea...

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