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The First Balkan War

4 min read

The First Balkan War was fought from the 8th of October 1912 till 30th May 1913 between the Balkan...

Another Year of Coronavirus

1 min read

The corona virus is a horrible disease,
I wish and really hope it does not increase...

The Reason

1 min read

Unaffected but some call it heartless,
Calm but they say we’ve been pulled into the darkness.
We are rebellious, emotionless, careless...

Breaking Away

7 min read

“Live up to our expectations,”, my father screamed, as I stormed out of the hall. We live on a quaint...

A Step Out of Your Life

2 min read

I was walking down the street and came across a beautiful and eye-catching diary. Its colour was a shade...

The Story of My Grandmother’s Old Album

1.5 min read

On the 2nd of April, I found one of my grandmother’s old albums while searching my grandmother’s drawer...

The best place in the world to see rainbows is in Hawaii.

Image Courtesy - Eastman First United Methodist Church | Powered By - Best Life Online

The red-billed quelea is the most common bird on Earth.

Image Courtesy - eBird | Powered By - Best Life Online

The Doomsday Glacier

3 min read

Antarctica is home to many glaciers. It contains 500 named glaciers and many other glaciers that have...

Esho Hey Boishakh

2 min read

Bengalis often utter a proverb called “Baro mashe, tero parbon”. The word ‘parbon’ means festivals...

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The First Balkan War

The Reason

Breaking Away