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By the 1860s, chemists figured out a way to make a more stable green ink that was resistant to destruction and fading and was difficult to counterfeit. So, the once slippery colour quickly became one of our most ubiquitous — appearing on almost every bill.

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Chainsaws were first invented for childbirth. It was developed in Scotland in the late 18th Century to help aid and speed up the process of symphysiotomy (widening the pubic cartilage) and removal of disease-laden bone during childbirth.

Football teams wearing red kits play better. The colour of your clothes can affect how you’re perceived by others and change how you feel. A review of football matches in the last 55 years, for example, showed that teams wearing a red kit consistently played better in home matches than teams in any other colour.

The world’s oldest cat lived to 38 years and three days old.


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