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Aarambh- A Song of Revolt

Written by Bhavisha Bijarapu (Grade 10)

Music is an art; a body of work that tells a story or conveys a message. Music has always been a source of inspiration in my life. One such song that keeps me going is ‘Aarambh’. This song or poem is very meaningful and teaches the value of courage, action, and victory—an awesome way to inspire Indian youth. Whenever we hear this song, we will be energized completely. This song has always motivated me whenever I feel low, low on confidence, this song will tell the reality that nothing is permanent and that struggling, putting in effort, and fighting for any kind of problem in life.

The music starts with Shankh and a type of Shiv Tandav Stotram music which is mostly used for expressing the spirit of fighting against enemies. An artistic way of expressing emotions and reciting poems for that. ‘Aarambhhaiprachand’ means powerful and turbulent beginning. This song is a call by MAN for a revolt, an uprising, and a change. An uprising is being called for a change. This change can be brought about by a call to war. To be a part of this war, you must quit all your ego and pride and be ready for death. This means, that for a change you need to bring to a society, you need to rise from personal feelings like your ego and pride. As a mythology enthusiast, I significantly relate this to the Mahabharata war when Krishna was preaching the Arjuna Bhagwat Gita. That same words were spoken by Krishna to urge and inspire Arjuna for the war. Whether the crowd is of Kauravas or a group of Pandavas, the one who fights is great. The one who fights is respectable. This song is the abstract of the Bhagwat Gita that the wars are the only testimony of braves. It tells us how we will be able to recognize a brave person if he was never involved or took part in the battle of the war. If the battle was not fought, you can never tell how good the army was. In my opinion, it is not only the war between the armies. Rather a war in every aspect of life. Till the time someone is not taking a tough decision he/she will not be able to prove his/her mettle. By Kauravas and Pandavas, the poet means taking a side. This signifies being right or wrong. However, someone need not think about what is right or wrong rather he should fight from one or the other side. Fighting can only make us great. We must fight either side.

This song has taught me the quality of life. This urges me not to live like meek and weak. Rather live a life of warrior. This song has shown me the reality of life and taught me many lessons for the future.

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