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An Adventurous Journey

Written By Akshat Bhatia (Grade 3)

You all must have some adventurous journeys in your life. My adventure was when I learnt how to ride a big cycle.

One day, my father told me to try my sister’s cycle as it was bigger than mine. I said no as I didn’t have the confidence at then and I was scared that I would fall off the cycle. Still, my father convinced me to ride the cycle. I eventually agreed and sat on my sister’s bicycle. My feet came to the peddles and I was able to sit comfortably without any problem. We went out to cycle and I tried cycling on my own. Soon, I rode the cycle at a very fast speed. I was very happy. After a few weeks, my father said to increase the height of the seat and try. I confidently said okay. He increased the level of the seat and I sat on it. I sat comfortably and started riding. While riding the cycle, there were bushes around and a bird came in my way. I was scared because I thought that my wheel would run over the bird. A bush was in the other direction and so I couldn’t turn. I tried to press the breaks and stop the cycle, but it was too late. The bird flew away, and I fell on the bush. I didn’t get hurt badly but I lost confidence.

Next day, my father said that let’s go to the park again. I said okay. I again cycled on that level on the track. The track was very narrow and was surrounded by large and thorny bushes. While turning, I lost balance and directly fell on the bushes. Thankfully I didn’t get thorns on my body. That day my confidence level came down to 0. Next day I went back to the park but luckily I didn’t fall anywhere. I regained my confidence and was able to ride my sister’s bicycle.

Moral of the story: KOSHISH KARNE WALON KI KABHIE HAAR NAHI HOTI. After all, it was an adventurous journey.

Featured Image Courtesy – Cycling Weekly

Akshat Bhatia
Akshat Bhatia
My name is Akshat Bhatia and I am from Amity International School, Noida. I study in grade 3 and I am 8 years old. My hobbies are to play tennis, badminton and also do art and craft. My favourite subject is Maths.


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