Friday, July 19, 2024

Another Year of Coronavirus

Written By Radhya Choudhary (Grade 6)

The corona virus is a horrible disease,
I wish and really hope it does not increase.

Another year of pandemic and lockdown,
It makes me irritated and also frown.

People are suffering whether young or old,
We have to be united and be bold.

The poor barely have food and proper homes to survive, 
How will they fight the disease without help and stay alive?

Working together will benefit us a lot,
Let’s give the affected food and medicines that we’ve got.

People are dying because of incurable health,
Now is the time we are realizing health is wealth.

Children and adults have to stay locked up at home,
I wish this would be over and we could freely roam.

Featured Image Courtesy – The Economic Times


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