Thursday, June 1, 2023

At the age of 17

Written By Sumati Varma (Grade 11)

At the age of 17, all of these responsibilities are suddenly pouring in,
A new chapter of my life is about to begin.

What is he doing? Where is she going?
Such thoughts in my mind keep flowing.
What do you want to study? Where do you want to go?
How should I answer these scary questions even when I don’t know.

At the age of 17, my whole life ahead is at stake,
Just one small tiny mistake,
Is all that my future will take,
To fall apart, to break,
So I lay awake,
While these thoughts make me shake,
As they flow in without taking a brake.

Am I having too much fun?
Should I have gotten more work done?

At the age of 17, I become scared,
Of being compared,
Even though I wish that I never cared.
I wish I never cared about how much she studied or what she did,
I wish I didn’t care like when I was a kid.

A kid who was care-free,
Who didn’t even know what was a degree,
A kid who had no idea what the real world was about,
A kid who thought that this life would be a series of rainbows and unicorns throughout,
So at the age of 17, all I wish for is this heaven,
A heaven where I could go back to being seven.

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