Saturday, February 27, 2021

Articles By Arwa Rampurawala

Lost In A Book

1.2 min read

As the letters on the pages form words,
As my eyes begin to register,
I'm transported to a land far, far away...


1 min read

A rivalry is between people, when they are competing,
It often cause enmity but sometimes its healthy!

A Lie

1 min read

A lie may be pretty,
But not elegant,
It pumps with a sense of false reassurance.

The Magnificent Mountains

1 min read

They stand against all odds,
Bold, mighty and strong...


1 min read

The aureole around her,
Reflects with an ethereal light
Pitying us humans’ avaricious plight...

What Green Means To Me?

1 min read

When I think of green, The soles of my feet a tad bit damp with dew...

The Pandemic Which Was

1 min read

A pandemic the virus was,
Socialising was one of its greatest cause.

About the Author

Arwa Rampurawala

Hey, I'm Arwa a thirteen-year-old bibliophile, procrastinator and aspiring journalist. Passionate about writing short stories and poems which often express my moods and expressions. Found my Ikigai in dancing 🙂

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