Sunday, July 21, 2024

Black or White

Written By Junaid Sarmad (Grade 7)

It was Michael Jackson’s iconic song, It’s Black, It’s White, that got me thinking about the Colour of One. Here are my musings:

This is something unjust, why is it that one can look good only if the person is fair? You can’t just judge people or anything by the way they look. If we start looking beyond the way people look, the world will seem a far saner place. It will be known as the colour of One – and that will be the colour of equality.

Black, white, tall, short, thin, fat – all of us are humans – so why do we need to separate ourselves and fight? Between all humans, this war might continue. But we should pause and ask ourselves this question: Who are we fooling? The world doesn’t care what colour we are, or how fair we are. The question is, Do you care? And if you do, is it worth it?

Featured Image Courtesy – The Daily Utah Chronicle

Junaid Sarmad
Junaid Sarmad
Hey, I’m Junaid, but you can call me J. I love reading books, playing football, tennis, basketball, swimming and online games too! I also like music and play the guitar. I’ve got a band called Stormtrooper Unlimited™.


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  1. Wow Junaid ! Great literary skills ! Excellent thoughts and so well expressed ! I am completely stupefied ! Keep up the good work.

  2. Such a young mind and such deep profound thoughts!
    We can still see hope in our new generation!
    Well penned little master!

  3. Wow! Fantastic thought.. This shows ur amazing upbringing cos having such a calibre at a tender age is inspirational. Keep up this good work n continue to write more. If everybody starts thinking like u then country’s future is in safe hands. Lots of love jinu.. God bless.

  4. What a mature thought n writing little boy! Really proud of you.Keep it up. Want to see you as a famous writer in future.

  5. This simple message is a voice of Hope & Peace!!!! The amount of knowledge you exhibit is truly truly remarkable!!! Keep growing….

  6. Really impressed….all the more coz coming from jus a 12 yr old..soooooo beautifully expressed….well done boy????

  7. So true.. There should be no discrimination between black or white, short or tall, fat or thin, rich or poor. Such a mature thought…

  8. Amazing Thoughts Expressed in Such a Mature Way. This shows a very Sphisticated Display of Emotional Maturity. If Junaid is this creative at 12, You can only Imagine what his level of Creativity will be when he becomes an adult. I can clearly see a Pulitzer Winner in Him. Congratulations Junaid Keep it Up.

  9. I have no words to express your wonderful thought. If we humans would have thought about it then this world would have been a better place.

  10. I have no words to express this thought… If we humans had thought about it then the world would have been a better place.

  11. Wow! This is so true and worth a thought. If we all follow this beautiful thought, the world will be such a beautiful place. Keep it up!


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