Written By Mahi Parui (Grade 8)

Agnieszka loves her valley home, her peaceful village, the forest and the bright, shining river. But the corrupted, malevolent, enchanted forest, “The Wood” at the border casts an evil shadow over her home.

The Dragon, an ageless wizard has kept the evils of the Wood at bay, but his help comes at a terrible price – every ten years, a young village woman must serve him, leaving behind everything she values.

This book takes us through an enchanting journey where the Dragon and the chosen one attempt to purge the Wood even though they know that all who return from the Wood, never return unchanged.
But has the Wood found a way to hide its corruption?
Will Agnieszka be able to save her home from being taken over by the Wood?

I enjoyed reading this book and the way it draws you into the story. Reaching the end of the book, I felt a little confused and had to blink and look around to realise that I was no longer in the Wood but in my own home. I love the way the main character does things the ‘spelt-out’ way. The description of Agnieszka’s journey by the author made it difficult for me to keep the book down and remind myself about the other things that I had to do.

I would surely recommend this book to everyone who loves to read!

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My name is Mahi Parui and I am 13 years old. Music and reading is what I love to do in almost all of my free time. Playing basketball and other outdoor games have always been something I look forward to. I am well versed with two instruments, the harmonium and the guitar. Be sure to check out a few of my essays.


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