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Brushstrokes of Determination

Written by A Srinivasan (Grade 12)

Often did Kalidas reflected on what he was up to in his childhood days, where every surface became a canvas for pencil and, undoubtedly, his parents’ nightmare. Despite the initial disapproval, he never let go of his dream. He believed that art had the power to transcend and express emotions that words often failed to convey. As he matured, Kalidas decided to pursue his passion professionally, even though the path of an artist was filled with uncertainties. He faced the challenges, knowing that the joy he derived from his creations was worth more than any material possession. Despite the meagre income from his paintings, Kalidas never regretted his decision.

In the ebb and flow of life, Kalidas found love in the form of Shanthi. She was a pillar of support, managing their modest household with grace and understanding. The couple faced financial struggles, with Kalidas barely earning enough to put two meals on the table. Their world was further illuminated with the arrival of their bundle of joy, Meera. The cute little baby brought immeasurable joy and laughter to their humble home. Kalidas, though financially stretched, took pride in providing for his family through his art. Shanthi, in turn, revealed herself in the role of a homemaker, creating a warm and nurturing environment for Meera. Her dreams of higher education seemed unattainable due to their financial constraints. However, a government scheme opened a door of opportunity, granting her admission to a private college.

Years had passed, and little Meera, at the age of 5, came out of her school one day looking sad. Kalidas, her father, went to pick her up and asked what happened. She shared that her friend had a beautiful Barbie toy, and she wished for one too. Looking into her father’s eyes, Meera asked, “Daddy, can you get me one, please?”

Kalidas couldn’t refuse his daughter’s request. He promised her, “Done; tomorrow I’ll get it for you.” That night, while Meera slept peacefully, Kalidas confided in Shanthi, expressing his desire to fulfil Meera’s wish. However, the past two weeks hadn’t brought any sales from his paintings, and their savings fell short. Shanthi suggested telling Meera about their financial situation, but Kalidas firmly said, “No way. I will find a way to get it for her.” The next morning, Meera excitedly woke up and asked, “Daddy, are we going to buy the toy today?” Stammering, Kalidas replied, “We will buy it tomorrow.” The joy in Meera’s eyes dimmed, and she sadly said, “Okay.” He dropped her off at school, hearing a sad goodbye.

Determined to make Meera happy, Kalidas painted a beautiful artwork and tried to sell it everywhere, but no one paid attention. Feeling desperate, he decided not to see Meera until he could afford the toy. For the next two days, he lived in a garage for homeless people. Finally, a friend lent him Rs. 300.

Excitedly, Kalidas went home and told Meera the good news. When they went to the shop, Meera’s eyes sparkled with joy. She chose a Barbie doll in her favourite red colour. However, when Kalidas tried to pay, he realised the toy cost Rs. 650, and he only had Rs. 350. He managed the situation and promised Meera, “I’ll get it for you soon.” The pain and sadness in Meera’s eyes struck Kalidas deeply. It made him realise that maybe he should find a better job and give up his passion for painting to ensure a more stable and secure future for his family.

Suddenly, in the midst of Kalidas’ contemplation about the future of his art, a glimmer of hope appeared. His phone rang, and on the other end was a person interested in purchasing a few of his paintings. A surge of excitement coursed through Kalidas as the potential buyer appreciated the depth and emotion conveyed in his artworks. The unexpected turn of events brought a sense of relief and joy to Kalidas, as the sale promised to provide him with much-needed funds. With gratitude in his heart, Kalidas seized the opportunity, swiftly arranging the sale. As the evening approached, armed with the proceeds, he rushed to fulfil his promise to Meera. The prospect of seeing the sheer delight in his daughter’s eyes as she held her coveted Barbie doll filled Kalidas with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

Though perfect of expression, the art of painting is unfortunately frequently overshadowed and treated as not being creatively appreciated the way it should be. In a world where diversity in entertainment and digital media is common, traditional art is fighting for a place.

The art of painting is a personal territory that gives the artist the freedom to manifest his or her ideas, emotions, and stories by giving different hues a body on the white canvas. It captures the moments, the beauty of nature, and the joy of human experiences that words often fall short of. Yet, despite its power, painting is not always given the recognition it deserves.

Reflection and silent contemplation are usually set in the background, while painting motion, atmosphere, and so on are often dominant nowadays. In the contemporary world, technology and digital art have proved to be very influential, while painting is heavily in the background, although it is just as good. In addition, the commercialization of art tends to shift attention from the value of art to the popularity of its market. It is no secret that the world of fine art is often unfair for many upcoming artists, who have a lot of talent but are still invisible.

Painting is just like a creative dance where the performers and spectators interact. It is the kind of tale-telling that is great for the reason that it does not have to be adjusted and adapted according to the language barrier or cultural complexity. However, the absence of celebratory spirit may likely make the artists quit trying to develop their skills, making them switch to other activities. In fact, the art of painting has passed through this minor crisis too; artists only consider the value of their artwork, and as a result, it is still available today due to the passion and faith of painters in its positive impact on each person. However, it could rarely be in the spotlight, but the strength of a good story could lend a meaning to things far stronger than we could imagine with the million emotions and perspectives of people who live in a diverse society, greater than the sum of it all times. A possible perspective, given the new context, would be that the art of painting is due for a renaissance, blossoming as a unique way to express realisation and understanding for the world.

Featured Image Courtesy – Architectural Digest

A Srinivasan
A Srinivasan
I'm a passionate writer and I like writing on a regular basis in different fields and expanding my knowledge. I have been to a few workshops for writing which has tremendously moulded my writing ability and my way to present a topic.


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