Tuesday, June 6, 2023


Written By Aarushi Mahesh (Grade 8)

Sitting lifelessly,

While watching them thrive,

languishing ceaselessly,

while they try to revive,

Caged instead of them,

And observing them with jealousy,

Wandering around,

Rather callously,

For the first time,

Separated by walls, not abilities,

Looking out at the deserted skyline,

Yet naught but beasts to be seen,

They roam the lands of our cities,

Deserted and ideal for them,

Finally bringing nature’s beauty,

Blooming and developing again,

For the first time,

They look us in the eye,

With no hesitation,

Standing beside our confinements,

They stare at us and begin to drift,

Away to the cities abandoned,

Away from the jungles where they always lived,

where we stood hastened,

Our hands grappling the bars,

With desires to be free,

To join them,

To live life the way they never did.

Featured Image Courtesy – Aarushi Mahesh

Originally Published in Medium