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Chasing a Splash of Colour

Written By Avani Rao Mummulla (Grade 10)

Ever since I was a little girl, I had always been passionate about drawing and painting. In fact, one of my earliest memories is that of my grand-aunt drawing a duck with the number two. Over the years, my interest in art has expanded to various media such as, graphite pencils, watercolours, oil paints, acrylics, and chalk. I, as an explorer of art and a member of a family of artists, have discovered the vibrant and colourful world of Nirmal paintings, which is the topic of this essay.

Nirmal paintings get their name from the town they were first produced in – Nirmal, in Adilabad District. Nirmal paintings date back to about six centuries ago, when they had evolved from the paintings found in the Ajanta caves. In the realm of fine arts, this creative expression has certainly made a positive impact on art enthusiasts all over India, such as myself. Naqash, the artists who practice this form, typically utilise lacquered teak wood. Colourful paintings are then made against a stark black backdrop.

A particular piece of art that has a special place in my heart, is a Nirmal painting of Lord Krishna playing the flute, made by my grand-aunt. The enchanting, sweet smile on Krishna’s face, invokes in me the zeal to strive to achieve that level of mastery. Despite being a full-time lecturer at a college, she had rekindled her childhood passion for drawing and painting, and worked on several pieces. It isn’t just about the art work itself; rather, it is my grand-aunt’s passion that inspires me. As a young artist, it teaches me about the hard work, dedication and perseverance it takes to create an art piece such as this one.

I am training both under my grand-aunt and also attending workshops. I am currently painting Lord Ram’s image using the Nirmal art form. I hope to carry forward this special gift that I have been bestowed with, and make my family proud.

Featured Image Courtesy – Humans of Hyderabad


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