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Written By Yashvi Jalan (Grade 10)

Sitting abreast of the murky windowpane,
With boiling hot caffeine in a ceramic cup,
A book with texts printed on matte paper, 
And a gingham printed shawl lying about.

Tapered snow-coated branches of the tree, 
Long for the greenery of leaves amidst gloominess, 
The milky sky bestows its authority all around, 
This black-white scenario is indeed embracing.

Solitude has been my highly treasured companion,
Sombreness is undoubtedly quite invigorating,
One may anticipate me as a depressed human,
However, loneliness rejuvenates every cell within me.

Being an orphan, I prophesied quite early,
There is simply not a single being to stand by me,
Accepting this veracity and continuing the voyage,
Or, grieving over it were the two roads ahead of me.

My instincts compelled me to choose the much likely,
As my life draws to an end, 
I don’t regret opting for the first choice.  
Because guilt is an attribute of the weak.

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Yashvi Jalan
Yashvi Jalan
I am 13-years-old and passionate about writing since the age of nine. Reading murder mysteries, inspiring tales and mythological books is my favourite pastime. Alongside creative writing, exposure to new technological features is something I love.


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