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Coronavirus And The Beauty of Nature

Written By Krrish Singhania (Grade 9)

I never knew this day would come to our lives when we are at home sitting and nature heals itself. We had destroyed nature by killing it, but see the beauty and motherhood of nature keeping us safe inside the homes and while healing itself.

I never knew this day would come to our lives when we are sitting at home and all the animals are free and taking rest when humans do not trouble them and damage and injure and kill them but see the animals are so good that they are not injuring us and keeping us in jails like they are kept in the zoo.

I never knew this day would come to our lives when we are sitting at our homes and the ozone layer heals when we had increased pollution and carbon footprints we had destroyed it. Now when the ozone layer heals it is not troubling us and destroying us it is rather healing and cooling itself to safeguard the humans after all.

I never knew this day would come to our lives when we sit at home and the water bodies that we had polluted once are becoming pure. The most polluted water bodies are now becoming safe and drinkable water for future generations and our good. When we polluted the water bodies nobody thought about the water bodies but see the beauty of nature that it is healing without troubling us.

I never knew this day would come to our lives when we are sitting at home and the climate changes are now controllable and now they are not troubling us. See the beauty of nature it is not taking revenge because of the motherhood it has did we think about this when people destroyed nature.

Today everyone is sitting in the houses thinking about the deadly virus and criticizing the government what they have not done. Has anyone thought about the positive things that virus has impacted our lives and seen what the government and all the doctors, nurses and ward boys are doing so that the deadly virus comes to an end and all of us are safe again?

It is not that the doctors are working because they are forced to and they are associated with government hospitals and working with the municipality organisations it is that, they are willingly working to make the world a better place to live and ensure all the citizens safe and healthy lives again.

There was a struggle for independence in India and all the citizens played an important role in that freedom struggle and a major contribution was given by the freedom fighters.

Today there is a struggle for destroying the deadly coronavirus where again every citizen will play an active and an important role and now the major part of the contribution is and will be given to all the doctors, nurses, ward boys and the government to take enough troubles and repair the problems that the world is undergoing currently.

Every citizen sitting in the houses is a patriot and all the doctors, nurses and ward boys are patriots. The government is trying to make it clear to all the citizens that staying at home, social distancing can make a change.

Let us all help the government and all the doctors, nurses to help them make a safe and healthy world.


Featured Image Courtesy – The Globe And Mail

Krrish Singhania
Krrish Singhania
I am Krrish Singhania a 13 year old studying in Jamnabai Narsee School 9th Grade. I have taken part in many robotics competitions and I have many hobbies like swimming, painting and robotics.


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