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Droupadi Murmu – My Inspiration

Written By Dhruv Arora (Grade 7)

Our relatively young country of India has overcome numerous challenges. Women’s rights and tribal rights were two such impediments. The irony in this assertion is that in 2022, India turned these two obstacles into its strength in the shape of Hon’ble President Droupadi Murmu.

Mrs. Murmu was born in 1958, in a Santhali tribe family in rural Odisha. This was a very underdeveloped region of India, so during her childhood, she experienced poverty. Overcoming these struggles, she graduated from Bhubaneswar’s Ramadevi Women’s College.

After her graduation, she joined the Odisha government in a clerical post at the secretariat in Bhubaneswar. By then, she had married Shyam Murmu, who worked at a State Bank of India branch. In 1994, she taught voluntarily, refusing a full salary, at Shri Aurobindo Institute at Rairangpur till 1997.

Educators know the youth of India and their wishes well, and a teacher who faced struggles in their childhood knows the fancies of the common people. Murmu joined the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) in 1997 and won the Odisha Legislative Assembly election. She served two terms and was Minister of State with Independent Charge for Commerce and Transportation. She was awarded the Nilkanth Award in 2007. Murmu served as the BJP National Executive until 2013.

2015 was a life-changing year for Murmu, as she was elected as the Governor of Jharkhand, a state full of tribal people stuck in sticky situations such as hers. This event was not only influential for Murmu, but also the people of Jharkhand, who witnessed their first female and first tribal governor. Some notable achievements by her are the stop of the Pathalgadi movement and the approval of the Freedom of Religion Bill in 2017.

In 2022, Murmu ran for the presidency with her opponent as Yashwant Sinha. She won the election by a landslide. As a teacher, she also understood the flaws of the Indian education system. Therefore, she decided to release the program ‘New Education, New India’. The programme aims to instill ideals and raise awareness in kids for a better society. In her address to the audience, Murmu stressed the critical role that education plays in societal development. She emphasised the significance of moral and human values as the cornerstones of our civilization, such as service, equality, and sympathy.

Hon’ble ma’am Murmu’s leadership emphasises the importance of education in social development, prioritising its ability to improve communities, empower individuals, and conserve cultural heritage. Education instills values such as service, equality, and empathy, fostering a spirit of service and promoting understanding among different groups. Murmu’s vision is intertwined with her devotion to education, as it nurtures ideals necessary for a functioning society, enhancing knowledge, empathy, and equity, and enhancing civilisation’s fabric.

Mrs. Murmu is a leader who represents the interests of her community, preserves cultural heritage, and navigates complex social, economic, and political landscapes. Her leadership fosters inclusivity, empathy, and collaboration. She challenges traditional gender norms, promoting a more equitable society where diverse voices are valued.

Featured Image Courtesy – Tribune India

Dhruv Arora
Dhruv Arora
My name is Dhruv Arora.I study at Don Bosco Park Circus Kolkata. I have my own YouTube channel and know how to code. I have lots of books and I love to read. I love to read about World Wars and politics.


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