Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Euphoric Rainfall

Written By Shraddha NS (Grade 10)

In the gentle rain, a mirror I find,
Reflecting life’s truths, both gentle and kind.
Like raindrops that fall, embracing the earth,
I contemplate existence, pondering its worth.

Each droplet, a lesson, in letting things go,
In the cycle of nature, there’s wisdom to know.
Just as rain quenches earth’s longing thirst,
I seek understanding, to be enlightened first.

The rain’s fleeting nature, a reminder so clear,
That life’s impermanence we must hold dear.
It teaches acceptance, of cycles that flow,
As raindrops depart, new seeds they bestow.

In the rhythm of rain, there’s a call to release,
Attachments and worries that burden with cease.
A symphony of surrender, a dance of pure trust,
As rain finds its way, in nature it thrusts.

So as raindrops descend, to kiss the terrain,
They whisper of resilience in every refrain.
They teach me to rise, after every fall,
To find strength in surrender, in embracing it all.

Just as rain brings forth life from the dust,
I unearth deeper meanings, in the rain’s gentle thrust.
Connected to nature, to life’s ebb and flow,
In the quiet of rain, my spirit does grow.

In solitude and rain, a serenade so grand,
I find unity in all, as grains of sand.
Soaked in the downpour of lessons untold,
In the gentle rain’s embrace, I find my soul’s gold.

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