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Generous White Lion

Written By Shrey Kachhadia (Grade 7)

Lion, the king of the forest. There are many species of lion and one of them is white lion. As by their name their fur is white in colour. White lions are also called as blond lions. According to scientists the first white lion was spotted 400 years ago. This species is so much rare that all over world 100 in captivity and 13 in wild are left. In South Africa’s Timbavati region, most of the lions are found. According to scientists research a white lion can live up to 20 years. All over the world, many research and rehabilitation centres have kept white lions for breeding and make increase of the population of white lion.

There many research and rehabilitation centres in India which have kept white lions. White Lion can run up to 81 km/hour or 50 mph. They can run faster than tigers. To protect white lions, Global White Lion Protection Trust was born in 2002. Global White Lion Protection Trust was founded by Linda Tuker. This trust had started their research of white lions and their perfect living surroundings. It has same importance to protect this species as important to save like rhinos, woodpecker, cheetah, mountain gorillas, etc. They are not listed in endangered or extinct species because they are not classified and are a vulnerable species which means that the species can be endangered or extinct in the future.

Thus, being white in colour they can camouflage to hunt as same as normal lions. White lions are found In South Africa where the surroundings are white. Like the sand is white, and in winter the long grasses is scorched pale. They can live in Savannah and woodland. In some countries, white lions are good symbols of leadership, royalty and pride. Isn’t it interesting!!! Well we all know that lions are carnivorous, so White Lions are also carnivorous. They eat many herbivorous animals. Because of unstoppable poaching adult male white lions were no longer seen after 1994.

In South Africa, poaching or capturing of white lion is a crime. It is legally protected in South Africa. White lions have great sensing abilities like a normal lion. They have a very sharp eyesight and accurate hearing. White lion’s colour attraction and its rarity made him popular and it had great tourist attraction, so the zoos are earning many money. In 1965 there were 3 white lions left. After many years 4 cubs were born Papnack Park zoo. From that day to today the population is increasing and increasing.White lions are kept in many zoos like Lorry Park zoo, Jurques zoo, Magan zoo, Belgrade zoo, Pafos zoo, Karachi zoo, etc.

The White Lion is a mysterious creature with wow factor abilities and appearance. There is many things to learn from the journey of white lions, from its origins to today’s status. White Lions faced many challenges, but they continues to inspire about its leadership, royalty and pride. I hope that In future we will see the maximum population increase of this amazing species of lion called the ‘White Lion’.

Featured Image Courtesy – The Great Projects


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