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We take pride in the fact that everything published on My Pen My Friend is written by middle and high school students (except fun facts which we obtain from different sources). We encourage them to write and help improve their writing ability across various genres.  

What we publish:

  1. Happenings in the world
  2. Opinions on various topics
  3. Biographies on people
  4. Accounts and recollections of travels
  5. Reviews – Books, Movies or any other topic you would like
  6. Fictional stories
  7. Historical articles
  8. Sport related articles
  9. The latest and greatest of technology
  10. Music

You can also write on any other topic you like.


  1. Writing should be original and should not be copied from any source
  2. The language should not be abusive and should be easy to understand
  3. For prose, ensure your writing is at least 300 words
  4. For poetry, ensure your poem is at least 12 lines
  5. Please give a title to your work
  6. If you want images in your article, please provide us with a link to the image so that we can cite the source.
  7. For any help while writing or any suggestions please reach out to our editorial team.
  8. To submit your articles please email them to our editorial team.
  9. Last but not the least, ensure that your parents are ok with sending your writings to us.

Note: For articles related to the happenings around the world, please first contact the editorial team to get your topic approved. We try as hard as possible to give everybody a chance and try to avoid duplicate content.

Competition Rules:

  1. We try and keep our judges as impartial as possible
  2. The content should be relevant to the topic given
  3. The final winners will be decided at the discretion of the judges

To contact our editorial team please email:

For any other queries please email:

Note: We give everyone who sends across their articles a fair chance. However, we wish to maintain a certain quality of articles. We are very happy to provide any assistance in improving the work submitted by the child. Eventually, the right to publish any articles, poems or stories is reserved by the editorial team.