Sunday, May 26, 2024

I Close My Eyes…

Written By Nitya Pancholi (Grade 7)

I close my eyes,
And dream about my flight
Where it will take me,
And where I will reach,
How I will go there,
All seems like a fantasy

I close my eyes,
And the worries disappear,
my thoughts seem crystal
But little do I know what
awaits me,
A criminal attack or joyful

I close my eyes,
And have a sound sleep
No weight on my shoulders,
And no shoes on my feet,
I feel relaxed, safe and
I don’t know how long this
will be

Then I open my eyes,
As a new morning arrives,
All is new, fresh and clean,
Everyone cuddles,
Revealing the Fantasy

Featured Image Courtesy – Wall Street Journal

Nitya Pancholi
Nitya Pancholi
I was brought from heaven in 2009. I enjoy reading crime and thrillers and love playing basketball and tennis. I study in Year 7 in St. Christophers and have quite a good hand at Maths and Art.


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