Friday, September 22, 2023

Incredible Things

Written By Ankita Srinivasan (Grade 11)

Shall I show you incredible things,
Or take you through new beginnings.
Full blue skies, or a moonlit night,
Hand in hand, I fly you into the light. 

Speechless, spellbound, I show you around,
With rainy days, we start our rounds.
Dancing in the showers, we laugh and sing,
Spinning around is the most joyful thing.

Then I pulled you into the next wonder,
For the land is ice cold, deep in winter,
Hot cocoa, snow walks ad dainty scarves,
Our hands clasped together in warm gloves.

Shed it all for our next new show,
For green is seen in a smooth flow.
Lying back with little flower crowns,
Lost in a world we call our own.

We move yet again, a brand new start,
Where the sun’s rays warm our hearts.
Beaches and water, heat with the ice,
We now see the world with our own eyes.

Shall I show you incredible things?
Shall we see our new beginnings?
We soar and glide, high in the sky,
And we only need the other to fly. 

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Ankita Srinivasan
Ankita Srinivasan
Hey! I am Ankita Srinivasan. I live in Chennai, India, and I am an avid reader and love writing. I spend most of my free time with my story books and consider them to be my best friends. I love exploring, debating, acting and playing any sport that involves going out and playing.


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