Sunday, September 24, 2023

INS Vikrant – A Step Towards Incredible India

Written By Darshan M (Grade 10)

Last month India welcomed its first indigenously built aircraft carrier, the INS Vikrant, the biggest that India has built in its history. It is estimated that it can carry about 30 aircraft at one go. This indigenously built aircraft carrier puts India into an Elite group of the world’s naval powers. 

India has now become the 6th country after the US, Russia, UK, France, and China which are capable of designing and constructing aircraft carriers. India’s Prime Minister presided over the commissioning ceremony which was held at the Cochin Shipyard in the southern part of Kerala where he also unveiled the new naval ensign with a new symbol, India finally shredded the remains of colonial powers by unveiling the new ensign. 

The INS Vikrant has been built at the cost of a staggering 20,000 Cr rupees. It has been named after the first aircraft carrier which was in service from 1961 till 1997 and played a major role in India’s war against Pakistan for Bangladesh’s liberation in 1971. The INS Vikrant measures 262 m long, 62 m wide and has a displacement capacity of about 43,000 tons with a maximum design speed of about 28 knots and an endurance of about 7500 nautical miles.

INS Vikrant has been designed by the Indian Navy’s Warship Design Bureau. This warship has been built using locally supplied parts and by Indian workers. It is capable of supporting about 30 aircraft. The ship has about 2,200 compartments and a crew of 1,600 with medical compartments including ICU, clinics, and labs. 

Construction of the warship began in 2009 and stage 1 was successfully completed in 2013. Since then, the ship has undergone many trials, and all required aircraft trials will be completed by mid-2023. This is a milestone for the Indian Navy. 

Featured Image Courtesy – Hindustan Times


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