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Kinship Kebabs

Written By Kunala Ritvik

On the hustling streets of old Hyderabad, you can see people shopping, chatting, laughing, and having good times with each other. The lanes having small stalls of food items with many mouth-watering and piping hot delicacies but amidst all stand’s the all-time favourite snack of people with its smoky flavour and appetising look that we all love to call it as “Kebabs.”  

Kebabs are tiny pieces of marinated meat and veggies which have a history of tracing us back to old Turkey and Afghanistan. Back in the 13th century Turkish and Afghani soldiers used to hunt animals like wild hens and lambs which they used to marinate it with fresh spices and veggies then used their swords to open-fire it under bon-fires in their camps or in a clay oven, it was an immensely popular and handy dish while fighting wars and travelling in the army. Later in the 17-18th century Iskender Efendi re-introduced the recipe to common people and referred the Turkish script of Kyassa-I-Yusif to prove that Kebabs were the oldest dish till-date. Likewise, this snack was even introduced in India during the expedition and conquering times of the Afghani-Turkey sultans. 

Moreover, this delicacy is unique for its charred texture and the way to make it and this taste can be only get from the countries of Arabia, Turkey, and India. Kebabs have many types in them due to its variations in every country but the most famous one is our Shami kebab and Galauti kebab. These types are immensely popular and flavourful and are mostly eaten in India like every bread has its own way to be made so, does these like ‘Shami” is small patty made from marinated meat of any choice which has to chew a lot for its original taste while Galauati Kebabs were made first for an ageing king who had lost all his teeth but not an appetite for meat so, these patties were minced finely making it easy to chew or just swallow it from the tongue. Making these types the most eaten and famous in India. 

Furtherly, kebabs are one dish which I like is because of its presence on the table making every person in my family to gather around and eat it together letting everyone talk to each other and share a fun time together forgetting all the problems in the outside world for some time. Stating the facts, it is assured that kebabs are the only snack which are lite to eat, gives proteins and even has power to bring everyone together with its calcine flavour and smoky good smell. Surely, enough this dish has brought our family together by partnering in the Sunday lunch or any other occasion making it the most eaten and treasured dish in the family.  

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