Saturday, December 2, 2023

Learning from the Armed Forces

Written By Sakshi Talreja (Grade 10)

There is a lot to learn from the Indian Armed Forces! 

  • Camaraderie Beyond Conditions

Absolute loyalty and honesty are virtues that our warriors were born with. In the face of the worst circumstances and even death, their affections and attachments do not waver.

  • Discipline

You must give up a few negative habits in order to live a life of valour. Armed services members are widely known for their discipline and manners. They adhere to established procedures, show up on time, act with civic decency, and stand up for what is right. Due to their adherence to this fundamental principle, our warriors are revered by all.

  • Beyond Nation

Some outstanding officers have come out of the Indian Armed Forces. Soldiers like Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore and Milkha Singh have represented our country with pride in international sports. They are fearless and intellectual, but they also have a strong desire to develop into well-rounded individuals. Their zeal inspires us.

  • To Infinity and Beyond

A soldier serves as an example of how to truly put the needs of others above your own. They battle and give their lives in the service of strangers; such selflessness is rare. They hold the view that one should work for the greater good regardless of personal benefits or losses.

And the last thing I learnt from them is that, “It’s Not Only About the People You Lose, It’s Also About the People You Save!”

Featured Image Courtesy – Vishwabharati Defence Academy


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