Monday, March 4, 2024

My Mother, My Hero

Written By Kavya Varun (Grade 4)

“The sirens, loud and clear
Churning my stomach out of fear,
I knew my death was strong and near,
As I watched the doctors in a white and blue gear,

The ambulance drove fast and quick,
It raced ahead and I reacted in a flick,
I held my stomach until I passed,
After that, I don’t remember till the very last,

I woke up in the hospital as dizzy as ever,
The swirling thought ‘I can’t live forever,’
But the kicking in my stomach told me, however,
That I should not lose hope and we will fight together,

I was being taken into a room I couldn’t recognise,
There I saw the love of my life,
My husband and doctor crying with red eyes,
He was going to save me I had realized,

I was given an injection and then I went to sleep,
And even in that sleep saying it was pretty deep,
I felt the pain and heard it beep,
And heard a voice which sounded very deep,

I knew I was awake because I heard them ponder,
They said that the chances of my death were getting stronger,
I wanted it over, the searing torture and horror,
I just wanted longingly to hear my baby’s cry and laughter,

It felt never-ending but that shouldn’t scare you,
The pain was worth it when my wish for a baby came true,
They took care of me, the men in white and blue,
But your dad, my husband, I would never lie to you,

His face of beauty and my love for him like gold,
Sacrificed the life of his for your pure heart and soul,
And in my core it did create the largest of a hole,
But you being in my world was enough to complete my whole,

I don’t talk about this much but your father was brave,
Being a doctor the uncountable lives that he had saved,
And he was more than he actually gave,
He promised me he would always be there for me, now he is lying asleep in his grave

Growing you up was tough on my own,
Harder than the strongest stone,
You assured me, told me that we weren’t alone,
And in our hearts, he would always roam,

My daughter Fiona, your son will be beautiful,
My grandson will be loyal and greatly dutiful,
And you will feel more warmth than usual,
Going through the pain is worth it and crucial,

Your due date is tomorrow, you will have wonderful sons,
For you are having twins and they will be just like your cubs,
They will be your liver and be your lungs,
And don’t you worry they will be just the ones,

My hero was your father, my life,
I thank him everyday that I got you as my prize,
He didn’t die in vain for now even your clouds are going to be your skies,
You will be your sons’ hero for they will definitely see the bravery in your eyes.”

Featured Image Courtesy – Parade

Kavya Varun
Kavya Varun
My hobbies change every month and right now it is to paint. I really love writing poems and have been writing since I was 6 years old. My name also means poem. Hope you enjoy reading my poems.


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