Tuesday, December 5, 2023

New Year’s Note to Myself

Written By Aadya Kataruka (Grade 9)

With the whole world hovering,
I feel like the need of promising,
That at times of shuddering,
I will do nothing,
But help myself in recovering.

Be it a friend or an enemy,
I shall behave similarly,
try and provide every feeling of serenity,
Mentally and environmentally,
Apologise for any mistake even if it’s accidentally.

With every upcoming life riddle,
I promise to never give up,
Might get stuck in the middle,
Might get everyone’s dismissal,
But make myself believe it’s not impossible.

Be it the darkest of times,
I shall fill it with light,
Make it shine,
Always wear a smile!
And make it worth living life!

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Aadya Kataruka
Aadya Kataruka
Hii I'm Aadya Kataruka and I'm a 14-year-old teenager from Kolkata. Reading, writing, and reconnecting with nature are my favourite pastimes. I relish writing poems on nature and want to use them to bring changes to the world. I also love itinerants and wish to explore nature-friendly places.


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