Written By Avani Bhandari (Grade 8)

Her eyes sparkle like a star,
And her entrance is a big bizarre!
She gets all the attention and love,
Leaving me alone which isn’t enough.
Without even trying she gets what she wants,
Whilst I sit solitary in the corner spots.
How does she do it, I asked myself once,
She isn’t afraid to be herself, was the answer I earned!
Next day morning I quit whining and took the lead
And my friends treated me quite nicely indeed!
We danced, baked, played and talked,
And suddenly I was no longer distraught.
I was finally me, open and free,
I didn’t try impressing anyone, and walked and talked carelessly!
Yes in life there is sadness and hurt,
But take a sigh and tell yourself it could have been worse!
Stop hating your  face and saying things like ‘ew’,
Because that’s what makes you look like you!
So from now on decide who you want to be,
Because I sure am going to be me!

Featured Image Courtesy – Thought Catalogue

Hi, I am Avani Bhandari. I love playing sports. I do gymnastics and I've gone to many competitions. I love writing as well and English is my favourite subject. I really hope my writing can help make a difference and I hope you enjoy it!


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