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Puran Puri – A traditional sweet Gujarati delicacy

Written By Tianna Meghani (Grade 6)

During special occasions the only thing that energizes people like us Gujarati’s is a sweet traditional dish which we call Puran Puri. It is named so as Puran means stuffing and Puri means chapati. It requires a good amount of toor daal, jaggery, wheat, sugar, cardamom and ghee. I prefer it much more than any other sweet Indian dish. It is the best of the lot. Each delicacy like this has its own unique story and this dish certainly has a fascinating one.

There is a wonderful story about this food item and it is that this food item is in the Sanskrit encyclopaedia called Mannasollasa where a king called Someshrava who lived in Karnataka wrote in the twelfth century, with his very own hands, the recipe for this dish. He was the most well-renowned king in that region. This is really popular in Karnataka as it was founded there. It is really hot and humid so this perfect dessert brings energy to people like us. This is like a filling desert and you get it wherever you go in Karnataka. This dish can be made at home but it is not the easiest dish to make. It just does not turn out as perfect as in restaurants. It requires work and concentration. It turns out to be thicker and more bland than what we eat anywhere else. Even though it takes a long time to prepare this, the hard work is worth it in the end. Even if any guests visit, feed them this dish and they will love it. 

I was five when I was eating this with my grandfather. That block of butter melted in my mouth so sweet and sugary. It was nice and warm and that was the last time before my grandfather got cancer and passed away. Every time I eat this I can think of him and love him. This is my special memory of this dish and it will be cherished in my heart forever.

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