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Pyaz Ki Kachori – A Wave of Nostalgia

Written By Sanvi Sharma (Grade 8)

I remember the time when I first had the wonderful pyaz ki kachori. An ambrosial smell wafted up to my nose. It was even better when you took the first bite, believe me. First, that crunch sound, and I was immediately then you were engulfed deep in the dish. A warm and good amount of the filling came with the crispy cover. It is not that I love these kachoris just because they are so good and give your mind mental peace. No, not quite.

This piece of literal heaven has formed the base of my childhood. There are several memorable incidents, which were always somehow associated with pyaz ki kachori, which have stayed mystically frozen in time.

When my maternal uncles would return home from the cities they worked in, my cousins and I would run to them both craving the savoury treats they got for us. As we eagerly waited for our turn to take one, our eyes turned round with excitement and sparks shot up in them. Our hearts would beat with more liveliness as everybody gathered around and sat together. When the adults munched on the kachoris with cups of coffee or chai in their hands, the children (which including me) would join in or eavesdrop on family gossip. Those memories of that atmosphere, it reminded me of a bubble of joy and cheeriness. Although we still follow this tradition, it is not as lively as before as we have all grown up. Such small things gave us unlimited pleasure when we were younger. 

Originated from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, this food is must-have. Filled with a zesty mix of potatoes, onions, and more, and it is covered with a dough made of wheat flour, which is fried, until golden and warm. With its piquant flavour and delectable aroma, this is a delicacy worth eating.

Featured Image Courtesy – Archana’s Kitchen


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