Friday, July 19, 2024

Rose: A Symbol of Love

Written By Neha Sinha

Love: This word will paint a picture in most of our minds, often one of red roses and candlelit dinners. Roses have long been regarded as a symbol of love in our society, and I feel that they represent it in more ways than most people perceive.

The red petals represent the beauty of the emotion; the green leaves essentially act like the friends and family who see and help love blossom; the thorns serve as reminders of the challenges and obstacles that each one of us will surely have to overcome.

This rose has taught me a lot and gained my respect. The pearls teach me to have hope to see the beauty in everything and everyone, even if it is not always easy. The leaves taught me the importance of support and taught me that without sufficient support we may derive this world of something that will help change it for the better. The thorns teach me that challenges are something each and every one of us will have to fight. But, apart from that, they also taught me that nothing is ever just one thing. Where there is darkness, there exists light. Behind every smile lies some hint of sadness. It has led me to realise that it is not our abilities or our feelings that show who we are but rather our actions.

In teaching me a lot, it has also inspired me to be ambitious and to dream about changing the world. I mean, if such a small rose can have this big of an impact on someone, what can a person with far more freedom and opportunity to inspire the world do?

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