Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Sand Art

Written By Sanvi Sharma (Grade 8)

Have you ever wondered whether something as simple and mundane as sand can be used to create a stupendous work of art?

This was the first question that I had stumbled upon when reminiscing the slowly fading, but fond memories of my early childhood. My chubby hands scraping sand away on my first trip to the beach, to build an image, a form of art. As I observe this mesmerizing way to express ourselves, I seem to love it more and more every day.

There are many forms of this type of painting, which are prevalent in various parts of the world.

The earliest sand paintings or dry paintings have been found in Native America. The ‘Navajos’ and Pueblo Indians used sand to create a truly unique masterpiece called ‘iikaah’. For them, this was not merely an inventive craft, but a symbol of spirituality. It was believed that these intricate paintings were alive and sacred because they had holy marks on them.

Even in India, we have welcomed sand art into our lives. On Deepawali, the major festival for Hindus, they decorate their house with ‘Rangolis’. In southern parts of India, it is called ‘kolam’. It is coloured sand spread to look aesthetically appealing with complex motifs and designs. These Rangolis have a religious significance, as they are used to please God.

Sand art festivals are held magnificently in many parts of the world. The people interested in culture, art and crafts from around the globe see these precious artefacts.

Our world is extremely diverse, and that is what makes us much more united! We all must embrace our history and create a better future. Not all of us should let our treasured traditions fade into dust over time, and so we must preserve our way of life and heritage. This art form is precious to me because it gives me a wave of nostalgia and a flowing medium of expression. It is an integral part of who I am.

Featured Image Courtesy – Pixels


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