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Skyroot Aerospace Test Fires Stage-2 of Vikram-1: A Landmark Achievement for India’s Private Space Sector

Written By Nischal Srinivasan (Grade 12)

Unlike its previous prototype known as Kalam V-19, the test took place at the static firing testbed of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), located at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

The launch, which took place on Wednesday, was of 85 second duration, and was the demonstration of the purveyance capability of the rocket motor, Kalam-250, which utilises solid propulsion mechanisms, made of high-level carbon composite, with Ethylene-Propylene-Diene terpolymers (EPDM) TPS to increase the thermal performance of the rocket. Maximum sea-level sike thrust recorded was 186 kN, which will be replace by approximately 235 kN of vacuum thrust during the flight only.

This milestone is a breakthrough for the Indian space industry highlighting it is Indian private sector’s biggest system of the propulsion system which is ever been developed and manufactured by private sectors. Besides, it is the first country which has been built with carbon-composite and it was tested by ISRO, emphasising India’s capability of creating its own space technology.

Mr Pawan Chandana-Co Founder, Skyroot Aerospace said that his team is proud and the achievement is a stepping stone towards an all-planned India’s space program. “The successful test of the largest propulsion system ever designed and manufactured by the Indian private sector will be a milestone in the history of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation). This is a significant as this is the first time that carbon composite tanks are tested at the ascendance chamber,” remarked Chandana.

The leap to the space that was successfully done by the team was a huge accomplishment because of the contribution of the nozzle control system which was also one of the most notable systems needed for the launch. “So, this was the first test when we fired the launch critical system – flex nozzle control system – for the first time in history, as this is another critical step in our journey to a future in space,” said Mr. Dhaka.

This may also be a preamble to further historic launch of Indian Space Sector very first private orbital rocket by Skyroot Aerospace when planned to be launched the Vikram-1 rocket into the orbit. The demonstration of high standard with India’s first private rocket SCUS shallow orbital space flight in the previous launch in November 2022 proves its contribution to the setup of India’s flourishing space industry.

At the same time, Skyroot Aerospace foresees that accomplishments of more missions and achievements will definitely open doors for its next orbital launch that is forecast to take place in 2024. The coordination efforts with Indian space research organization (ISRO) and its Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), which was supplier of their HMSA technology for the test, are to serve as an illustrative example of the strong spirit of collaboration embedded in Indian space exploration.

To summarise, the successful test firing of the Stage-2 propulsion system of the Vikram-1 for Skyroot Aerospace is indisputably India’s big step on its journey towards space exploration goals. While the country is still pursuing its space goals to some extent, this international space adventure is about to be blessed with highly productive joint ventures between the private sector and government institutions in the likes of the ISRO is certain to enhance innovations and India’s global role in space.

Featured Image Courtesy – India Today

Nischal Srinivasan
Nischal Srinivasan
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