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The Change in the Environment

Written By Komal Goud (Grade 9, Angel Xpress Foundation)

Mother Nature – A Gift of God

Nature is a very important gift for us from God. It is very colourful. It has both living and nonliving things. Nature is the best friend which provides us with plenty of resources like water, air, food to fulfil our needs and desires. It includes forests, hills, rivers, oceans, desert etc. The atmosphere, weather, and climate come under nature and are very essential for us. Naturehasanecosystemconsistingofbioticcomponents.Microbes and insects are an important part of nature. Life on the Earth is possible only because of the availability of nature. If our nature is safe then only we are safe.

We should be extremely grateful as they are helpful, caring and nurturing just like a mother.

Destruction of Trees

We are facing many problems because of some changes in our lives and in our environment. Nowadays people are suffering from many diseases because of these changes in our nature. It is causing a lot of side effects in our daily life. Trees give us many things like wood, medicine, food and most importantly oxygen. The one who can help us in this situation, we cut it. Yes, we cut trees, we all know if we cut we are destroying our nature and life. We are cutting them every single day.

Our selfishness is leading to severe pollution

We use vehicles for saving time and energy but they release co2 which is very harmful to nature. It is very important to prevent it because this problem damages our surroundings heavily i.e environment pollution. It affects our environment in many ways.

Water is the most important need of our life on Earth. Every organism in the world needs water. But water pollution is very dangerous. It is ​the cause of death and diseases worldwide. We throw all the trash in the rivers or in the lakes due to which animals die. We eat fish and all the diseases of it enter human beings as well. Hence we eat animals and their disease.

We are very selfish aren’t we? Even though we have to suffer, why aren’t we changing, harming ourselves and our environment?

Life comes a full circle. Whatever we will do, it will definitely come to us. Thus be good, do good!

Small improvements go a long way

Polluted environment creates plenty of diseases. Everybody is dying because of disease. This prevents us from reaching success by becoming obstacles in the path of progress. But we can change it easily by changing some habits.

  • You should open the tap only when we need water.
  • Reuse the bottles and cans by planting flowers in it.
  • Donate old clothes and toys to charity.
  • You can make cloth bags and you can use them instead of plastic bags.
  • If you have place near your house you can grow your favourite veggies.
  • Lights must be turned off when you leave a room.
  • Use milk jugs to organise your supplies.
  • You can also recycle plastic because it’s very harmful

It’s very easy to change. If we change these habits , our environment can be safe.

Featured Image Courtesy – Environment Focus


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