Saturday, December 2, 2023

The Dilemma

Written By Pratyusha Chaturvedi (Grade 11)

The question always arises “What to chose and which one to refuse?”
And we really wonder which one to refuse.
It’s always tough,
Because which one would be rough.

Taking the future into account,
In order to surmount,
The situation in hand,
Which we can no longer withstand.

Waiting for that déjà vu,
Which will definitely help us get through,
The dilemma we face, 
At a greater pace.

Sometimes one choice may seem perfect
But then we don’t want the regret.
The simple choices we make, 
Are not a walk on the cake.

Our choices affect us for long,
The may benefit us or torment us in the time gone.
What may be good, what may be bad?
This can really drive us mad!

Then how can one solve?
The dilemma that has evolved.
And overcome this confusion,
By finding a proper solution.

Featured Image Courtesy – The Journal Blog


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