Saturday, December 2, 2023

The Exam Stress

Written By Prarthana Modi (Grade 9)

The sound of the bell

And the shuffling of papers

The noise of the pen

Desperately scraping

Trying to make

Your free flow handwriting

Your best writing?

Too much pressure

On the brain

Will you complete

Your paper before

Does the time end?

You got to pay

The brain an overtime

For thinking furiously

In so many ways

Doubting yourself

Till the last second

But did you complete

The paper on time?

Asking for some extra time

Trying to look into other’s sheet

This is the exam stress

That we all go through sometimes

The bell has sounded

Your defeat! Oh no!

You have no more time

Gotta submit the paper now

What if you have

Written something wrong?

Oh no! Here she comes

The she-devil

Who didn’t give you more time

She snatched the paper

From your hands

Before you could finish

The last line

Great! It’s finally over

No more of this

Exam stress

Which makes you

Doubt yourself, not once

But a thousand times

Pack your stuff

And grab your bag

And run away into the free world

Do not look back

At the examination hall

Featured Image Courtesy – Indian Express

Prarthana Modi
Prarthana Modi
I am your average 14 years old book nerd who loves reading and writing. My inspiration to start writing came from reading Uncle Rick Riordan's books. I mainly write poems and I have started writing just last year. I have an up and running website which you can visit here.


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