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The First Rainfall and A Memorable Day

Written By Saisha Mehra (Grade 5)

Tap! Tap! Tap! Here the rain comes! The much-awaited rainfall has finally arrived! This year, as we all know that there was a drought in a lot of places in India. All the crops, trees, farms and the hopes of millions of people were getting dried up. But, as the first drop of rain touched the leaves of trees, the colour of the leaves turned from light to bright green. The crops which seemed thirsty and tired got a ray of hope as the sun got covered with dark clouds. The farmers’ sad faces got garlanded with flowers of smiles but because of coronavirus as we children cannot go out of the houses I am still sad but it reminded me of the best days spent in school with all my friends. One such incident which is still fresh in my mind is a day spent with my friends Aarna and Kiyana (my chubby-buddy and school friend too).

It was raining heavily and there were discussions in the school WhatsApp group amongst parents for not sending kids to school but we 3 were adamant to go to school as we did not take any leaves in the entire year and were targeting a 100% attendance. My mother called up our bus coordinator Vikram Bhaiya who informed us that since older kids have their exam, there is no holiday in the school and the bus is working as usual. All of us were happy and immediately rushed to the bus stop wearing our colourful raincoats. It was only 3 of us from the primary section going on the bus that day which made us all more happy and proud. We started planning our day in advance. We knew because of less attendance the classes would be merged together. In Kiyana’s section only 3 students turned up and 10 in our section, so her section was merged with ours. The three of us sat together and enjoyed the entire day in the class. As our shoes and socks were wet, we removed them and were roaming in the school corridor barefoot. No studies happened that day and we watched our favourite stories all day on a smartboard. We all played dancing statues and Simon says with our class teacher and enjoyed the scrumptious food given by our mothers sharing with all 13 present in the class. Finally came the dispersal time and the three of us decided to jump in every poodle from school ground to bus stop and remove our raincoats as soon as we are out of the school gate but Vikram Bhaiya who always takes care of us asked Poonam Didi (our bus didi) to escort us and not to leave us alone. She dropped us near the bus and asked us to sit in the bus till other students are back but we kept our bags took out our raincoat and stepped out of the bus and danced our heart out in rain. Vikram Bhaiya and Poonam didi came back with other kids and scolded us for not listening to him but we kept on laughing. We opened our bus snacks box shared with Vikram Bhaiya and Poonam Didi also and said sorry to them and reached back our home.

Our parents took us back home gave us hot water shower and changed our clothes and asked us not to repeat the same thing again as we might get ill too but our dearest Snighdha aunty (Kiyana’s mother) said it’s good to enjoy the rain and the next time such a thing happened, we should take her with us. We all happily agreed and prayed to God to give us more such happy days.

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Saisha Mehra
Saisha Mehra
I am Saisha Mehra an inquisitive 9 year old who has passion for reading and writing . I study in AISN (Amity International School,Noida). I love to study all the subjects and play chess.I have participated in many chess tournaments, mathematics , science and English competitions and have won many awards for the same.


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