Friday, July 19, 2024

The Nimble Ways of Nature

Written By Sudarshana G (Grade 10)

An entity, more of a polyhedron that has so many sides to it, yet to be completely explored. How can just one side be a trailer to its tale? The entity of all kinds, the support, the mechanism, the wonders, the unknown, all in one place sounds quite enticing. That is what nature is. It is an expression of the need to be curious, be excited, and to be wary of the unknown.

As mentioned before, nature is a polyhedron with many sides to its tale, yet one stands out, away from camouflage. If we have a great, groundbreaking idea, the way we express it could potentially Make or break the way the product’s sales go. So, Communication is the key to success. The ways nature expresses herself. The way she now knows that those she gifted her glories to, must be wary of, as after all, they have misused them to the core. I guess the way that nature expresses herself through the many different kinds of creatures and organisms and beings is quite impressive, let alone the way she does it with an abundance of grace. We may have so much to convey yet, the harder we try, the worse we seem to get at it. And the internet is quite a knowledgeable place, but look around, nature has come about before the internet and has all the answers we would ever require.

The ways she articulates her every word with actions that elucidate her emotions with ease. That is something to learn from. The colours, sounds, movements, actions, all seem to have a purpose.

We have all heard the fact that plants can hear us. But did you know that trees actually communicate with each other, warning one another of the dangers beyond. Trees actually communicate to one another through an intricate network of fungi in the soil. This is actually termed the wood wide web It connects trees at their roots, allowing them to communicate by sending signals about upcoming threats like droughts or disease and allows trees to alter their behaviour upon receiving the signal. Another example of the ways nature expresses her ideas through her own is through dolphins. We all know that dolphins are extremely intuitive. Yet, I doubt you know that dolphins have names for each other. Bees are the creatures that are the essence of our living. They among others are the souls of the life cycle, as they do pollination. And, it is quite normal to wonder how these bees communicate. I am sure we assume they buzz, but what is quite distinctive is that they actually dance to communicate with each other. They have many different dances moves to indicate the direction as to where the flower patch is and to communicate other necessary ideas. While on the topic of pollination, Birds. Birds are agile and beautiful creatures that have their own identity and quite an elegant presence. Each bird has its own tale (and tail) and its own ways of expression. The chirps of the sparrow to the peal of the eagle, each sound has its own virtue.

Last but actually the most important one, is how nature keeps sending us signs, that the glories she provides are limited, and we must conserve them, yet we assume to ignore these signs as coincidences and what not. For example, the concrete jungle that we live in is frequently and swiftly flooded. It is assumed that the rain cycle is changing and other absurd theories. The truth is that people have not even considered the fact that their greed is causing them and others around them an abundance of harm. People with the most basic knowledge know not to construct anything on marshlands, yet we keep doing so and don’t realise that this is the cause of the immensely damaging signs from mother nature that are instantaneous and fatal – flash floods. She also conveys by increasing the temperature, letting us know that the exploitation has to stop, but we blatantly ignore her, who gave us all we needed for survival. Nature is a two-sided coin, and the other side is yet to be flipped to, so let’s ensure that we stay on the good side. The terrors mustn’t haunt our future.

Featured Image Courtesy – National Geographic


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