Friday, July 19, 2024

The Perfect Life

Written By Eira Sanghvi (Grade 12)

A life without tension & worry,
A life where there is no need to hurry,
A life where you can have all luxuries and the world you can explore,
A life where you can laze and you don’t have to do any chore!

A life without sorrow,
A life where you don’t need to think about tomorrow,
A life where you are served with everything in front of you,
A life which you think is mesmerising and joyful too!

But everything has a dark side,
Out comes, of you, the greed that hides,
You are never satisfied with what you have,
You have become your own slave!

You wish you never had such a life,
Now it is hard for you to survive,
Now darkness is the supreme,
But you are grateful you just woke up from a dream!

Featured Image Courtesy – University of Bath

Eira Sanghvi
Eira Sanghvi
I thoroughly enjoy writing poems about my feelings or certain interesting topics. I am a kind, caring and loving soul who has a keen interest in drama. I have also written few short stories and my creativity is my strength. Apart from this, I am an animal lover and deeply love the sea and its creatures.


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