Thursday, June 1, 2023

The Reason

Written By Sumati Varma (Grade 9)

Unaffected but some call it heartless,
Calm but they say we’ve been pulled into the darkness.
We are rebellious, emotionless, careless
Ever thought why we are so tearless?

Nothing is endless, nothing lasts forever,
That is why, we never
Never show emotions, never do we cry,
Never, until the day we die.

What is the reason to this, you may ask,
That being that in the past, we did unmask.
Unmask all our insecurities and showed our true-selves to everyone,
And that was when it all begun,
That is when from our emotions we started to run.

The world didn’t accept us for who we are
All our life, all our emotions had turned into nothing but a tormenting scar.
One that reminded us that we are not welcome, that we are not enough,
One that reminded us that we have to be though.

Tough because in this world, we had exhausted the emotions given to us,
When we tried to reason how we felt, tried to only discuss.
Discuss the emotions that we once felt,
The emotions that now no longer exist because of the way the world and society is dealt.

Featured Image Courtesy – Unsplash