Monday, April 15, 2024

The Sound

Written By Pratyusha Chaturvedi (Grade 11)

You breathe and feel,
The whisper of wind so surreal
The tension leaving your furrows
Thinking of all the moments without sorrow.

Hear the water so loud,
Its tipping and tapping stand out 
The music it is to the ears,
Driving away all the fears.

Then there comes a distant sound,
To find its source you look around,
The chirping of birds heal the skin,
Inspiring the soul within.

There exists a music so unique,
It comes from the crickets you seek,
Making you realise that life’s a bliss, 
Wondering how could you ever miss.

These are the natural sounds here,
It’s so soothing and helps you vanish the despair,
A few moments in nature,
Are the best medicines for a healthy future.

Featured Image Courtesy – The Conversation



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