Wednesday, June 26, 2024


Written By Omica Khanna

There are places I want to visit, 
Places I want to explore, 
But not just one or two, 
I want so much more! 

There are adventures I want to go on, 
Places that my heart does seek, 
Adventures like the tallest mountains, 
And standing on the highest peak. 

There are cultures I want to experience, 
Festivals, occasions, traditions and all, 
I want to experience it from all around, 
From places big and small. 

There is wildlife I want to see, 
All the rarest creatures I can find, 
Birds, animals, big or small, 
A whole new world I have to unwind. 

There are cuisines I want to try, 
The greatest tastes from all around, 
I want to eat the unimaginable, 
Try the yummiest ones yet found. 

I want to travel all about, 
And learn about each land, 
I want to explore this wonderful world, 
This wonderful world on which I stand! 

Featured Image Courtesy – eMaze


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