Friday, July 19, 2024

We are Nature

Written By Annanya Khatri (Grade 10)

In our universe, there are curious patterns that emerge. For example, a humble old tree that weathers with time and survives each year, adds yet another ring to its collection of ancient concentric rings at its core. These rings forever spiralling outward bear an uncanny resemblance to our very own fingerprints that make us human. Likewise, the intricate network of veins that criss-crosses on the uneven surface of a delicate leaf mirrors the gossamer of blood vessels that sustain the life of our own bodies. The same can be said of the colossal and magnificent nebulae whose clouds of swirling gases in far-off galaxies in the vast cosmos of our universe form patterns that echo the designs of the very own pupils of the eyes that our body and soul use to look and comprehend the splendour of the universe that we belong to.

The death of a once majestic and massive star that twinkled and shined upon the earth could be very well mistaken for the way an infinitesimal cell that forms the fundamental unit of life on Earth is born. The monthly cycles of women on earth are a lot like the seasonal cycles that our mother Earth goes through. Spring signifies the time after it, which is a new beginning as the sun starts shining after the winter of gloom, quiet and introspection. Summer represents the time where we are most active and energetic. It is when life seems like it’s being viewed through rose-tinted glasses. Autumn signifies the time when we start calming down and reserving more time for ourselves amongst the yellow and orange of the leaves, waiting until winter arrives once again. The fractals and striations of the universe look almost identical to our minuscule yet formidable brain cells without which human species would cease to exist as it could no longer function. A facsimile of similar fractals is found in the lightning that adorns our skies during the rage of nature that it expresses through none other than fierce thunder storms.

Still, as we gaze at these celestial wonders, we often fail to recognise the beauty that resides within ourselves.

Such spirals, waves and fractals are a recurring part of nature yet we, humans don’t consider ourselves a part of it. In nature, we admire the elegance and complexity of these patterns and yet fail to notice that we, too are part of this cosmic design. Perhaps it is the tendency to view ourselves as separate from nature that leads to this. We live in cities lacking plants and animals, and think of reconnecting to nature as something Instagram-worthy. We think of ourselves as something other even when our bodies, like the earth itself, are composed of the same elements forged in the hearts of ancient stars.

We judge our beauty by standards that are not our own, measuring our worth against an image of perfection that’s been edited to look that way and exists only in our minds. We fail to see the beauty that lies within, obscured by the shadows of doubt and self-doubt.

Nature inspires us and reminds us that beauty is not found in perfection, but in imperfection. It is found in the cracks and crevices, the spots and fissures that make us unique.

Let us celebrate the patterns and imperfections that adorn our bodies and our souls. And let us remember that we are not separate from nature, but we are indeed nature itself bound together by the same forces that shaped the world around us.

In the end, nature with all its flaws and imperfections will always remain beautiful. Just like us.

Featured Image Courtesy – Down to Earth


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