Written By Akshat Bhatia (Grade 3)

Hi! I am very scared of swimming in the water. My mother tells me to learn swimming but I refuse as I think that I will drown in the water. There is an incident related to this.

The incident starts here. Once, when I and my family went to Puducherry in 2018, there was a swimming pool. We thought that let’s just go to the swimming pool and relax there. Then we went there and my father stood above the water as the pool was of 5 feet and my father was also 5 feet. Everyone else including me dipped our feet in the swimming pool. My mother wanted to get out of the swimming pool and I was standing with her help. She advised me to go out of the swimming pool so that I don’t fall. I reassured her that I wouldn’t fall. Then she was out of the swimming pool. After some minutes, my balance broke and I fell in the water.  My father saw me. Then he came rushing to me at a lightning speed and saved me. He came outside the pool and took out the water from my body.

I was happy that I had been saved but after all, I was more scared of swimming. After that whenever I saw some kids or adults swimming in the water I tried to go back to my room with my family or some members of the family.

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Akshat Bhatia
My name is Akshat Bhatia and I am from Amity International School, Noida. I study in grade 3 and I am 8 years old. My hobbies are to play tennis, badminton and also do art and craft. My favourite subject is Maths.



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