Monday, September 20, 2021

Thank you, Joe!

1 min read

City after city falling 
Kabul! Taliban’s calling
With Afghanistan’s prime minister running...

The Bermuda Triangle – Myths Debunked

7 min read

We all must have heard about the term “Bermuda Triangle” before. Known by various names like the...

Is Time Travel Possible?

2 min read

Can we travel through time? Yes. All of us have travelled 24 hours forward since yesterday. But we generally time-travel...

5 Greatest Risks of Artificial Intelligence

4 min read

Most believe the evolution of AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be the next big leap for humanity. Perhaps it...

Carrots weren't always orange; they were once exclusively purple.

Image Courtesy - Purple Carrot | Powered By - Best Life Online

Apples float because they are one-quarter air!

Image Courtesy - One CMS | Powered By - Best Life Online

Harry Potter – JK Rowling’s Masterstroke

2 min read

We have heard of many fantasy tales and books. We also have heard of magic, which is practically impossible...

Sheldon – The “Smart” Ass

6 min read

Dr Sheldon Cooper PhD, is the lead character in the famous television show, The Big Bang Theory. Having...

Martin Luther King – America’s Gandhi

2 min read

Martin Luther King (1929 – 1968) was an American Baptist Minister and social activist whose dream was for a...

The Life and Times of William Shakespeare

5 min read

This iconic quote was penned by none other than the literary legend himself, William Shakespeare. His name is one...


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