Sunday, October 17, 2021

Overfishing in Japan

6 min read

Overfishing. We hear about this term in newspapers, websites, videos, and even documentaries...

Why Illegal Immigrants Can Be Good for the Economy?

1.5 min read

I stand before you today and plead you to see through these lies. Our focus should be directed towards the so-called...

3D Printing – The 4th Industrial Revolution

2 min read

3D printing is speculated to be the fourth industrial revolution. It is transforming the traditional manufacturing...

The Story of Tesla

3 min read

In the late 90s, an electric car named EV1 was introduced. However, its life ended abruptly due to less market...

Russia has a whopping 11 time zones within the country.

Image Courtesy - Britannica | Powered By - Woman's Day

Iceland grows 5 centimeters per year because of its moving tectonic plates.

Image Courtesy - Teahub | Powered By - Woman's Day

Harnessing the Power of Movies

3 min read

Movies are a source of enjoyment, fun and amusement. They can be watched online or in the theatre. They are...

Harry Potter – JK Rowling’s Masterstroke

2 min read

We have heard of many fantasy tales and books. We also have heard of magic, which is practically impossible...

George Bernard Shaw – The Rebellious Writer

2 min read

George Bernard Shaw, commonly known as Bernard Shaw, was an Anglo-Irish comic dramatist, playwright

Usain – The Lightning Bolt

2 min read

One of the most successful and well-known, retired Jamaican sprinter, Usain St. Leo Bolt, commonly known as Usain Bolt...


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