Friday, February 3, 2023

How big is the Indian spitting industry?

2 min read

Have you ever wondered how a 4-rupee pan masala supplier can afford to hire expensive brand ambassadors like...

Learning from the Armed Forces

2 min read

Absolute loyalty and honesty are virtues that our warriors were born with. In the face of the worst circumstances...

Chemotherapy – Curing Cancer

3 min read

During World War I one of the most horrors of warfare was poisonous mustard...

Artificial Intelligence is Undermining Human Values

2 min read

AI takeover is a hypothetical scenario in which artificial intelligence becomes the dominant form of intelligence on...

The Spanish national anthem has no words. The 'Marcha Real' is one of only four national anthems in the world (along with those of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and San Marino) to have no official lyrics.

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The Japanese word 'Kuchi zamishi' is the act of eating when you're not hungry because your mouth is lonely. We do this all the time. 

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India’s Scotland

3 min read

I travelled to Scotland by road. Just kidding, I meant the “Scotland of India” a.k.a Coorg...

Top Five Christmas Markets Around the World

3 min read

Christmas is the time of the year for happiness, joy and cheer; and you know what gives me happiness, joy and cheer, and...

The “Untouchable” Deity

4 min read

In the narrow streets of Mhow, Madhya Pradesh, a leader was being bred. The one who would open new doors for...

Elon Musk – A Superhero or A Supervillain

2 min read

Like they say absolute power corrupts absolutely. Elon Musk has so much power that he can change humanity’s direction...



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