Friday, July 23, 2021

Israel-Hamas Ceasefire

7 min read

The Israel - Palestine conflict has been going on for decades with the most recent outbreak of violence...

The Doomsday Glacier

3 min read

Antarctica is home to many glaciers. It contains 500 named glaciers and many other glaciers that have...

Are you left-handed?

4 min read

Handedness is known as an individual preference for the use of your hand. Right-handedness and left-handedness...

Left Brain vs Right Brain

5 min read

“I know what’s wrong with my brain. My left brain has nothing right and my right brain has nothing left!” ...

The tropical fungus Ophiocordyceps infects ants’ central nervous systems. By the time the fungi been in the insect bodies for nine days, they have complete control over the host’s movements. They force the ants to climb trees, then convulse and fall into the cool, moist soil below, where fungi thrive. Once there, the fungus waits until exactly solar noon to force the ant to bite a leaf and kill it.

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Just over 96% of the total amount of the world's water is held in its oceans. However, that's primarily saltwater. To find the bulk of the world's freshwater you need to trek to the poles, as 68.7% of it is encased in ice caps, permanent snow, and glaciers.

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Building our very own Saturn V

4 min read

‘The satisfaction of finishing a lego, however small or big, entails the satisfaction of going through trials and tribulations...

MasterChef Australia – It’s Yummy!

3 min read

Whether you are standing up on the gantry of the MasterChef kitchen or lounging on your sofa and watching the show...

Jack Ma – The Business Tycoon from the East

5 min read

Jack Ma is the Founder of Alibaba and is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world. He is the Co-founder...

Winston Churchill – The Hidden Tyrant

4 min read

Winston Churchill was (and is) a revered figure in British History. In fact, in 2002, he was voted the greatest Briton...


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