Sunday, January 24, 2021

TURNING a new leaf - what does it mean to you!

some essential guideliens to keep in mind...

TURNING A NEW LEAF - 14th December

The Change in the Environment

3 min read

Nature is a very important gift for us from God.. It is very colourful. It has both living and nonliving things. Nature...

How COVID-19 has changed the education sector?

9 min read

The world today stands devastated, after the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus. Having already triggered a sense...

The Carbon Company

4 min read

Today is 7th May 2063, we people had established so many industries in the past that nothing except...

GREAT RIVALRIES - 26th October to 15th November


Our Rivalry

1 min read

We were the best of friends,
never one without the other
Like a pack of wolves...

Messi/Ronaldo: Mirror Images or Poles Apart

7 min read

Rivalries seem to exist in many sports. Be it an individual or a team. Nadal vs Federer, Sachin Vs Brian, Diablo...

WORLD TOURISM DAY - 12th September To 22nd September 2020



1 min read

There are places I want to visit,
Places I want to explore,
But not just one or two,

Agra – The Antiquated Adventure

4 min read

The gem of the Mughals: Agra. My uncontrollable excitement bubbled with inquisitiveness as I set foot on the Agra...

FREEDOM - 31st July To 15th August 2020



Freedom is a state where one can do what one likes without any restrictions.

Freedom means power to speak, act and think without hindrance...


As you all know on 15th August every year, we celebrate our independence from the British rule. India got its...