Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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What food means to me?

3.5 min read

Food, glorious food! The lyrics echo in my mind as I sit to write this. No longer a source of sustenance but rather...

A Simpleton

3.5 min read

‘I have nothing to do’ yelled my little sister as she ran into the room. It had been only thirty minutes since...


1 min read

The aureole around her,
Reflects with an ethereal light
Pitying us humans’ avaricious plight...

Black Hole Breakthrough Bags This Year’s Nobel Prize

7 min read

With a winning streak of two ‘Nobel Prize in Physics’, the department of astronomy has set the bar high yet..

A Memorable Birthday

4.5 min read

Hi! I am Aadhya, Aadhya Bhatia. I love talking. Mostly, I love talking about my birthday. Whenever there...

The Year 2020

6 min read

Someone once said, "New year - a new chapter, new verse, or the same old story? Ultimately, we write it. The choice...