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Apple founder Steve Jobs created the first personal computer in 1977, refining the product until it gained widespread acceptance. Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates in 1975 and gained success by licensing its Windows operating system, which was incompatible with Apple hardware, to computer manufacturers such as IBM. By the mid-1980s, Microsoft products dominated the computer software industry, and Jobs was ousted from his position at Apple. Jobs eventually returned and led Apple’s revival, crafting a line of sleeker, more design-focused products like Macbook, iPod, iPhone & the revolutionary iPad.

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Pine trees can tell if it's about to rain. Next time you see a pine cone, take a close look. If it’s closed, that’s because the air is humid, which can indicate rain is on its way.

Your brain burns 400-500 calories a day.

Electrons might live forever. Scientists have estimated the minimum lifetime of the electron is about 6.6 × 10^28 years – this is 66,000 ‘yottayears’.


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